Wednesday, November 17, 2010


OK so here it goes, this is what I wore this week minus lazy no makeup Sunday, also forgot to take pictures on Monday, it was a cute outfit so maybe I will wear it next week since I really didn't see anyone but the grocery store clerks!  They say that the camera adds 10 lbs, is that so with camera snapshots?  One of the benefits with taking pictures of one self is that I can see the fit of my clothing.  The cream tee with the blush cardigan- I realized it needed to be more fitted so I didn't look fat with ginormous boobs, so I took it in a little on the sides so we will see how that fits.  Also the jeans that I wore with a blue sweater were not fitted that well for my body type.  I was just glad that I could fit into them again. So I am liked up to Lindsey @
top/cardi-ann taylor loft
jeans-white house black market(old)

jewelry-lisa Leonard

Necklace-made by me

I ended up changing into long jeans and black clogs this doesn't look to flattering

Necklace-lisa Leonard
pearls-my wedding pearls I haven't worn them since but
now I have worn them all week, I almost bought some fake pearls when
I remembered I had real ones just begging to be worn

got them 3 years ago and proud that I can put them on size 27
and the sales guy talked me into buying them, they were only $12
they are good butt jeans! and express doesn't make them anymore

love these shoes
wore them all during my last pregnancy so they
are comfortably stretched out

lisa Leonard necklace with my wedding pearls

bracelets-stella and dot
my favorite pair of bracelets

cardi-ny and co
jeggings-ny and co
I wore this last Friday for a baby shower
I had for my lovely friend Maria
I was excited to get to wear this and dress up a Little

Necklace-stella and dot
It was longer but I did a little plastic surgery on it
and shortened the length so I know I will wear it
more often now- I love this necklace combo
pearls-mine from wedding see I told
you I wore it all week!

love these shoes
I have had them for 4 years and never get tired of them
I found them at Marshall's for $10 so I love them even more

shear top/cardigan-ny and co
jeggings-ny and co

Necklace-Stella and dot
My new purchase love this, it has 3 different metal finishes



  1. You have some great shoes and jewels. I am jealous!

    Super cute style too!


  2. Hi there. Love love your outfit the day of the baby shower. It is so pretty and feminine. And I love the green necklace you made! I have that black top and never wear it unless I am home in my sweats, but jazzing it up with a cute necklace made it look SO cute. Love yoru marshall's find shoes too. Fun post!

  3. Cute outfits. I love the flats. I have that Target tunic in a blue color.

  4. I love the necklace that you made! It totally made that outfit! I also love the baby shower outfit!