Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I want to be just like my Mommy!

I have a running battle with Kooper to stay out of my makeup.  He has ruined so many items in my makeup drawer.  If the house is quiet go look in my bathroom and you usually find him smashing my tubes of lipstick, or sticking a small blush brush in a jar of concealer and brushing it on his face.  Well the other day Kyle was supposed to be keeping an eye on him while I cooked dinner and let's just say the TV was on so Kyle was glued to the TV and didn't notice him disappear.  This is what I found:

I have to say he looks kind of cute.  The second he saw me he said "No NO nO" and shook his finger!  He just doesn't get it!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scrapbook Weekend

This weekend I went on a retreat with my mom Cathy, aunt Claude Ann, and cousin Sherry (she is like my aunt) along with my mom's quilting friends the BIFFS.  They planned this weekend retreat and I  invited myself because well that's the only way I can get any time to complete a scrapbook page.  I have all of my supplies behind locked doors or hung up on the walls (which doesn't stop Kooper).  I wish I could leave things laid out on the table so I could pop in and work a little at a time but Kooper would destroy the pictures, stamp all over the paper, open and pour out my embossing powder on the carpet (actually happened), and push all the buttons on my cricut.  I have had pages all ready to go.  Pictures printed, paper and embellishments gathered.  Now I had time and I used it wisely.  I researched and had my layout examples saved on my computer, and I placed an order on two peas in a bucket (which came minutes before I left, I was ready to hunt down the mail man in the neighborhood just to get my package).  So here is what I got accomplished this weekend.

Cosmo Cricket -Snorkel line

Echo Park- Little boy line

October Afternoon- Fly a kite line

I copied Nicole Magourik page http://nicholmagouirk.typepad.com/things_that_really_matter/2011/05/scrapbook-stamping-may-2011.html
she has a tutorial and a list of all her supplies, I fel in love with the layout especially since I already had beach pictures that I wanted to scrapbook

Dear Lizzy paper I think it was called city park

I started with just the left page done about 1 year ago and I finished the second to complete a 2 page layout
Cosmo Cricket- Joy Ride

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Kindergarten Graduation

This morning was Kades Kindergarten graduation.  I can't believe that the year is already over.  It seams like yesterday that Kade couldn't wait to start school.  He has been watching his brother get on the bus for the last three years and now the school year is over.  Where did the time go, I think it has gotten away from me!  Anyways I had a massive struggle with my pictures due to a mixture of lighting fluorescent, tungsten, and natural light.  Then add in the mix that we were sitting on the opposite side of the room than Kade and my zoom lens is awful.  I didn't want to be one of those rude parents that gets up in the front and crouches in the isle blocking every one's view so I just screwed myself with crappy pictures.  Next year I will be in charge of the school yearbook so I think I might have a shirt made that say's "yearbook" so I can politely get in the front and not appear so rude.  I did make Kade go back onstage when everyone was gone and take some pictures.  Here is my little graduate!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We are almost done with baseball.  I am so sick of having my feet covered with sand.  Kyle's team lost all their tournament games.  It was hard loses, they would start out so strong and then loose their mojo. It really stunk.

 But Kades team is the underdog!  We heard a rumor that no one wants to play the yankees.  They are shaking in their boots! We won the last few tournament games and have been playing very well.  It's like all the sudden it clicked!  We (like I'm one of the players) have been batting very well hitting all the way to outfield and making outs!  So another game tonight. 

One of his Out's as catcher

Super slugger with his tongue hanging out!

He has his super fast running hands all ready to go
Off to get ready for another game tonight!  Go Yankee's!


Celebrity inspiration, What I Wore Wednesday

Another week of linking up with thepleatedpoppy.com/blog for what I wore Wednesday.  I did much better this week.  I recently picked up the newest issue of people style watch and their was several pictures of Reese Witherspoon on the streets of L.A. running errands just like us moms.  I love her well put together yet not trying so hard look.  Being that she is in her mid thirties and a mom herself she dresses in such a comfortable and trending way but she doesn't look like she is trying to hold on to her twenties yet doesn't dress frumpy.  So off I went on the Internet searching for more pics of her effortless looks (of coarse on a much lower budget).  I found a few looks that I already had and some that I could easily replicate to my taste/life style. 

Reese's look

And here is me- I already had this dress in my closet so Score!
Plus it has been cool her in Houston for this time of year.
Dress-old navy
Jewelry-stella and dot

Reese looks so cute love the lace shirt

I'm still on the hunt for a better lace shirt but this was the best I could find
Top-forever 21
shorts-mine old?

My new fendi sunglasses!

Love the print on this dress and jean jacket

See I'm not the only one doing the tank/skirt thing!

Tank-old navy
skirt-forever 21
necklace/bracelet-forever 21

just add jean jacket

Just a day of a few quick errands and hanging out at home
dress-thrift store
coach flip flops

Friends birthday dinner
jewelry-forever 21
not sold on this dress

not a great picture, I was in a hurry to get to a birthday party
top-old navy
jeans-at loft
shoes-antonio melani?

Off shopping with Vera for the big anthro sale
cardi-forever 21
tank-at loft
skirt-anthropologie thrift store
shoes-bcbg thrift store
necklace-making memories
I was much better this week about taking pictures, I even took one over the weekend.  That never happens. Have a great week.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Small Dining Room Makeover

About a month ago I  had the flooring replaced in the dining room.  It's no big makeover to report on but none the less I love it.  When we built the house I had carpet put in the room because I didn't want hardwoods (because they are the same color as my dining room furniture) and I also didn't want to spend a grand on a decorative rug just to have my dog pee on the rug.  Well, abbey passed away last fall so that meant out with the pee pee carpet.  I know how gross, every house we have had she always found a spot to pee in the middle of the night.  It didn't matter if I took her out before bed and restricted her food and water intake earlier in the evening she still did it.  I had ceramic tile (that looks like travertine) and marble placed on the diagonal.  Take a look at the before:

 sorry that image is so small, it was re sized super small to be posted online last year when we had the house for sale. Here is a picture of the work in progress:

Now the after:

I didn't change anything else in the room, just the floor, next will be the table arrangement.  I am slowly but surely getting rid of all the floral arrangements.  It's hard to do when you have paid good money for them and you have a cheap husband.  Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I started this journey so I would get up and get dressed and it works, it's just that I have a hard time getting a picture of myself before I leave the house.  I pulled up my pics from my memory card and was surprised that I only had pics from one day.  I did try and get a good one of the boys and I on mothers day because I had a really cute dress on, but they did not cooperate, everyone was stuffed from brunch and ready for a nap.  Plus my husband need some camera lessons, he completely cut off our legs and left a tone of space over our heads.  I have two friends that love to wear skirts so I have slowly become a skirt convert.  I love how comfy they are and I don't exactly feel overly dressed up.  This skirt/outfit I was able to wear it all day and never feel like I was wanting to put my pj's on.

Skirt-forever 21
top-at loft (old)
necklace-target Love this and will wear it a lot all summer
bracelet-forever 21 $1.50 I bought these in many colors

Our failed attempt to take a picture together

serious squinting-yes I need botox bad!