Friday, December 31, 2010

Dr.Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! the musical

It's taken me a while to upload some pics from the musical the Grinch that stole Christmas because I used my cybershot camera and I don't usually pay much attention to it anymore.  So Mark got us tickets (for the big boys) and at first the boys weren't very excited to go and where a little whinny.  They were upset that it wasn't a movie, I told them it's better than a movie it's live singing and dancing!  They didn't get it!  I kept saying just wait you will love it.  First we went and ate at hard rock cafe, they weren't very impressed as this was always a special place I would choose to eat at on my birthday when I was much younger.

Our appetizer-who doesn't like a good potato skins?

Marks blue cheese buffalo hot wings burger-delicious

Kade got a little board so he played a game on my iPhone

My salad was so yummy- it''s been a while so I can't remember all the stuff on it! but it was good!
We really lucked out with eating early because it was the same night as the tree lighting ceremony in downtown Houston.  Lucky for us we got a table during the lighting and then headed over to Theatre under the Stars amphitheater.  As soon as the light when on and the curtain was drawn back I looked over and saw the boys eyes open with excitement and their jaw drop in amazement.  After that they were in awe and never moved. 

The end of a great night and to future traditions of musicals with the kids!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Morning

Christmas Dinner

Kooper was into opening presents this year

He loves this present

Kyle and Kade opened presents so fast just as my camera decided to have a mini stroke by the time I got it up and running
they had opened almost all the gifts

My mom made the boys ATM snuggies

Mom and I au-natural!

In usual baby style Kooper loved the boxes most

My brother playing with the boys

Yes the boys got well needed gifts this year-new shoes
No they were not disappointed-they were excited

Santa brought the boys all some pillow pets-best gift ever!

I didn't feel like I got the kids enough gifts but I was wrong Kade said this was the best Christmas ever and he got everything he wanted.  Santa also brought a special surprise which was a zip line.  My boys play outside a lot!  This was the perfect gift for 3 stinky boys that love to use their imagination when playing outside! Caio-Steph

What I wore Wednesday

This outfit didn't photograph so well
Jacket and skirt-old old navy
Tee- anthro
Necklace-Lisa Leonard/wedding pearls
{this was me totally stepping out of the box}

I was playing around on the laptop and doing a little blog hopping when I realized today is Wednesday.  Where did the week go?  That's when I realized I only took pics of my outfits one day.  I did get dressed nice everyday it's just we had family staying overnight and I was a little preoccupied.  My hubby was sweet and even gave me some money to do some after Xmas shopping so off I went with my sister in law and we hit forever21.  Not much on sale but I bought everything that's been on my wish list.  I have been on the hunt for some scarfs but it seems like everything is sold out.  Even in Texas- i.e. warm winters.  I wear them instead of a coat because I hate having to carry around a jacket.  I think I want to make some scarfs.  My mom bought me a kit from Anna Marie horner and also bought me some sewing accessories(which was much needed)  I want to learn to sew more because I am cheap and don't want to pay a lot for those etsy items.  Plus I love doing anything crafty. I hope everyone had a great week and Christmas holiday.  Did everyone survive?  Later, Steph

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas card

Well the end of a wonderful Christmas day.  We had my husbands parents and sister (with her family) here along with my parents and brother.  Yes we had a full house but all went well and we had way too much food.  The boys said they got all that they asked for and were very happy and entertained today.  Kooper got some large Lego's with a Lego truck and that was a total hit with him.  He loved putting the blocks in the truck and then out of the truck.  He even played in the boxes which is true toddler style the box always gets the most attention.  Mark surprised my with some chocolates from woodhouse and had them shipped just in time for Christmas. We had a wonderful day!  Tomorrow my sil and I might hit the mall for some bargains.  the only wrench thrown into the day was my video camera went dead shortly after starting to record and my camera decided to not focus while the boys were frantically ripping open the gifts.  I almost don't even want to look at the pictures.  I did get it to work although I could have used that moment to cry and guilt my husband into buying me a new camera.  But I did as he said and turned the camera off, took out the memory card and battery and voila- camera focused properly and I did manage to click a few shots before they were done opening their gifts.  So have a wonderful holiday weekend.  Steph

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What I wore wednesday

Ok so this week I did take pictures but I did have a few days where I didn't get dressed enough to be photographed.  Have a great Christmas!

Thursday- School Events
Merry Christmas shirt from holiday market

I love the back with the ornament embelishment

Friday-Top-forever 21
then I realized it got a little chilly so I changed later

I made this bracelet the jury is still out on if I like it or not

I changed into this to have drinks at a friends house
jacket-forever 21
jeans-ny and co
necklace-made by me

I really like how this outfit all together I wore the necklace and tunic
alone with capri's in early fall and didn't like how it looked
I'm not used to wearing such a chunky necklace but I like it!

Saturday- Dinner with the family at red robin

tank-old navy
cardigan-old navy
necklace and bracelet-making memories vintage groove

Sunday-Christmas shopping
my hair looked like crap and I should have cut my head out of the shot
photoshop isn't working today
Cardigan-ivy jane
tee-old navy
jeans- old navy
bracelets- charming charlies

I love this top and I spent way too much money on it so I won't
wear it if I have my kids with me

Necklace- western store
its ceramic and quite heavy but I love it the little dots are rhinestones

Tuesday- Lunch with friends and a little xmas shopping
top-old navy
jeans-white house black market

It was 82 degrees and humid so yes I only wore this no sweater!

Necklace-making memories vintage groove

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Ok so I'm linking up with the pleated poppy with my what I wore Wednesday post.  I still feel a little self involved by posting pictures of myself on the Internet but oh well.  The only negative is that I feel like I can't ever post the same outfit twice and I see others outfits and want to get out and shop.  One of my new favorite stores is Forever 21,  Even though I am very far from being 21 I think I can pull off some of the clothes, especially with layering winter clothes.  With Christmas coming up soon I have told myself no new clothes until New years.  This will be hard.  Fellow friends stay clam and carry on, we will survive the holidays.  Later-  Steph

sweater-Macy's last year

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kade's 6th Birthday

Six years ago I gave birth to  my second son.  He was a nice early Christmas present.  I can't believe he is six and is a kindergartner.  Kade is such a good boy.  I ask him to do a chore and he is on it!  Yes I am telling the truth- not being sarcastic.  I don't often have to ask him to do things twice.  I know this phase won't last for long.  Soon he will be rolling his eyes at me and acting like he didn't hear me.  But for now I will smile and enjoy this time, when he is eager to please mom and dad.  I love my baby boy, he looks like his father and is very different from his older brother.  I just pray that god helps us to raise this boy to be confident and kind.  I know I am being sappy but I am listening to  Christmas music and sitting next to a fire.  Yes this is one of the few days in Texas that we will be burning a fire.  Here are some pics from his party last weekend.  We went to main event.  I usually don't like these type of parties as it is very boring for the parents but most of the parent are all our friends so we ordered a few buckets of beer and the dads even bowled.  Mark took some of the older kids to play laser tag and I just spent a little more video game tokens of the younger kids that were left behind.  That seems fair!  We had a great time and even a few moms had a moment for a glass of wine.  Yes they had Kendall Jackson Chardonnay so we were in!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Since I am up late trying to fix my computer(which I did) I am going to post my pics for this week. I also got the go ahead to purchase cs5 with lightroom, I'm so excited but not looking forward to the learning curve. I did go ahead and download the free trial for elements 9.

Christmas Shopping
boots-thrift store $12
belt-forever 21 $5
I love this outfit-I received many compliments but
the boots killed my feet

Kade's 6th Birthday Party
Top-Forever 21
jeans-ny and co skinny's
Jewelry-stella and dot
I'm so in love with this outfit
super cute and comfy too!

Love them-so comfy and with
just a little lift on the heel

Sunday-Ornament exchange party
just like the pink one from a baby shower weeks ago
flowers-hobby lobby with my old broach inside white flower
shoes-kensie peep toe sling backs

Monday- Bring cookies to Kades class-his real b-day
Sorry picture is bad and my hair was even worse so I cut my head out
Cardigan-Forever 21 pink
bracelets-forever 21
the picture doesn't do it justice it was cute and comfy also easy to throw on!
 Have a great Wednesday!  Steph