Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I have had such a hard time finding enough time to take a picture of myself much less post anything on my blog like wiww.  If I don't take a pic of myself before I leave for the day then it just doesn't get done.  These days I feel as soon as Kyle and Kade get off the bus it's like game on - clock into my second job.  You would think they could come home and just do their thing, but no, they just ping pong back and forth who will whine next.  I feel like a counselor or a cruise ship director saying "tell me how you are feeling"  "what can I do to make you feel better?"  They get three nice comments and if they choose not to give into my niceness then they get tough mommy.  Who usually says "stop your whining or I'm calling your dad" or "you need to take a nap since you are acting like a baby"  It's their choice take the bait with the first Nice Mommy, or mess around and you end up with Mean Mommy!  I tell them all the time god gave me all boys because this mom doesn't do sassy or melodrama!
Snap- sorry I got carried away.  Back to the job at hand.  Today's wiww post is a hodge podge of pictures that have been sitting around for a few weeks.

sweater-old banana republic
skinny jeans-f21
shoes-steve madden-old

this is one of my baseball outfits,not the most
glamorous outfits but who wants to get dressed up
just to be a ballgame with lots of dirt blowing around!

I love this hat!

I had is customized!

I wish you could see the necklace better, it's a baseball with wings

I wore this on my birthday sunday to dinner with the big boys and my hubby
we went to a nice italian restaurant and the boys had to have good table manners!

This outfit looked better in my mind,now seeing the pics not as cute!
Top-AT loft
jeans-at loft

Have a great Hump Day!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Oceanside California Beach

Well It's been so long since I have posted that I almost couldn't remember my password for blogger!  Mark and I took the family to Disneyland California for spring break.  And between the dryer breaking, getting the car DVD player fixed, and the septic system breaking it's taken us 3 weeks to get back to normal.  I took ruffly around 1000 snapshots during our vacation.  I haven't even had the time to cull through them much less edit and post any pics.  We were able to go to all the places that we wanted and had a great time.  It was crowded to say the least and I don't want to stand in another line for a long time!!  One of our stops was at Oceanside to see the beach and have a bite to eat as we were heading back to Anaheim from Lego land.  We got there right at sunset and the boys ran around and got a little wet but I went crazy with my camera. Now I understand why everyone love Cali I can downsize to a super small half million dollar house just to have nice low humid weather.  Oh the life I could only dream, snap-back to reality.  Here are a few of my favorite pics from the beach.  Soon I will have time to post some from the rest of the trip.  Happy Monday! 


Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Wow I have had a crazy week here is my schedule for the week so busy that when I wrote it I had to crouch down low and keep going.  So I am linked up with for another week of what I wore wednesday.  My philosophy of wiww has changed a little.  As baseball season has started and we are mostly at baseball fields these days it seems rather pretentious to get all dolled up.  In fact at practice yesterday a mom came with her cute jersey, jeans, lv bag, trendy sunglasses, and pumps.  Yes she looked a little out of place and a little inappropriate.  I did notice as it cooled off she put some tennis shoes on-now more appropriate.  Who wants to mess up a cute pair of pumps!  So I have added a few much needed clothing to my arsenal like, new nike sneakers, tshirts from academy, and have some cute hat projects in the works.  You see I just feel a little silly if I show up all dolled up just to get all dirty.  I feel like you can jazz up some nike clothes and still look cute.  So next week if I get time to take some pics you might see me baseball ready.  So I only have 2 days that I have pics for and they were the only 2 days that I dressed nice and that's probably all you will get in the future.  I am surprised I even took these at all!

Thursday-out running errands/lunch with friend
jeans-banana republic just cuffed up
I thought these were sewn up but now I see they weren't and they aren't even!
Not sure why this pic is blurry- I was in a hurry

I love this top, it's so soft and comfy

Tuesday- errands/nail appt.
Cardigan-Ivy Jane
Jeans-Old Navy
Shoes- volatile
assorted jewelry stella and dot and such

I just love this cardi ivy jane makes the cutest quirky kind of clothes

Have a great week!