Friday, April 29, 2011

Right Now with Kelly Willette

I have a new blog button on the right and Kelly Willette is a great photographer and really stresses the importance of capturing your families true self and part of that is the everyday moments that we need to remember.  Like the messy play room with kids happy and playing.  I hope that one day I laugh at how many times I stepped on legos and hotwheels cars!
Here is our everyday moment this morning.  We found the vsmiles and Kooper has had fun not actually playing it but turning it on and off and taking the game out and back in.  I was also playing with my diy made white balance cap made from a white coffee filter and a pringles lid to create my own white balance cap.  It worked pretty good but I don't think it's very durable.  i.e. it will get torn up in may back pocket.  Next on the diy to do list (thats very long) is this  Off I go to gather some materials!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some days the gods are in my favor

Some days I feel like it's one step forward and two steps back.  Oh who am I kidding, that's most days.  Nothing ever goes as planned, and I am very aware of that so I always have plan A, B, C and D.  After awhile it get to ya and drags you down.  Nothing is ever easy, my kids can't just be-it's always such a struggle to do the most simple tasks.  Yesterday morning Kooper pushed my arm and spilt coffee on my laptop keyboard.  After cleaning it up the keys were not working properly.  Arggh,  I am so not in the market for a new computer.  So my dad said to turn it upside down on a towel.  Everything put the keys worked properly.  So I went to best buy this morning to get a wireless keyboard and when I got home and turned on the computer guess what?  My original keyboard worked!  The keys are just a little sticky but it works.  God had mercy on me!  I just keep praying that god can get me through this rough time with my adventurous two year old.  And to see that god is watching over me Koopers school just called and said that he can be enrolled (along with his brothers) for summer camp.  Yea,  I so needed just something, even so small to go in my favor.  It's like fuel to keep the motor running.

my little munchkin


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Here is another week of what I wore Wednesday.  I'm linked up with where us moms go for inspiration, encouragement, and accountability for looking decent.  Ladies it's not vain to try a little and look presentable it's purely for your soul!  I have had such a hard time getting pictures of myself in the last month.  Now I have a new remote so it should help with the focused shot situation.  I really hate it when I have put work into an outfit and forget to take a picture.  I feel like I have no document of the fact that I took some effort.  Oh well, this week is another hodge podge shots of the last two weeks (or maybe even three).

Kooper went to school so I ran some errands
Sweater-forever 21
jeans-ny and co
yellow flats-target
white belt-anthropologie

my new coach white patent leather purse-coach outlet

wish I could have gotten a better picture of my bracelet, it's one of my favorites plus
it was $80 and I got it for $25

just another day

game day
top-at loft
capri's- joes jeans
flipflops-red- coach


furniture shopping
top-at loft
chambray shorts- ivy jane
wedge sandals-bcbg

not very good pics it was very dark in my house and I think the in camera meter was
thrown off by the outside light, so I had to lighten them both up quite a bit in ps
jewelry-stella and dot

Confession- we all got dressed up to go to church (since we haven't been in a long time)
and we pulled up(only 5 minutes late) and they changed the times and location due to it being palm Sunday
so instead we just went and had lunch. 
Dress/shoes- AT loft

after our spoiled attempt to go to church
top-at loft
capri's- charlotte russe
silver flip flops-at loft

baseball practice
jean skirt-old navy
jewelry-stella and dot

tank-old navy
necklace-lisa leonard
capris-david khan
coach flipflops

I feel like I had a running theme with ann taylor loft.  I really don't shop there that often but I did in the past.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kooper turns 2

Kooper had his second birthday March 23 just a few days before mine.  In true third child style his celebration has to get worked into this older brothers baseball schedule.  So we had some appetizers before Kades game and then grilled some fajitas after and ate dinner.  My in-laws came into town to celebrate with us and Freddie made his delicious Spanish rice and guacamole.  We had fun just the grandparents and us hanging out and eating, as usual!

I made the table topper, guacamole because Kooper loves to "dip it", strawberries-Koop loves his berries
made with love cake and cupcakes, the gardenia filled the room with a sweet fragrance, raspberry lemonade.

Kooper loves big wheel, it took awhile to put it all together so he played with the handlebars by themselves.

Just say Cheeeeese!

Koop loves his strawberries

Sittin and Eatin

Kooper and Grandmother singing happy birthday, he was a little shy

Kyle said specifically don't put this on your blog-so I did

big bros reading the bday cards

Hugs for pawpaw

I am not exactly thrilled about this photos, I don't think any of them are good and certainly not frame worthy (I was in a picture funk) but I did document the occasion.  Happy 2 my baby boy!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So another week of what I wore Wednesday.  I am linked up with where us mommies get some inspiration to get out of the sweats and put some makeup on!  I think my husband has a love hate relationship with this way of thinking as it puts a strain on the check book but he comes home to a pretty and happy wife.  Happy wife Happy life! I did manage to get a few shots and one is from last week that I forgot to post.  Yesterday I had good intentions to take my pic considering I did change 3 times.  The day started off really chilly then warmed up and then I had a baseball game in the evening so I had to change and add a little warmer clothes yet not too warm.  So this is all I have for this week.

this outfit was lost in a see of un-labled photos on the computer
I wore this about 2 weeks ago on a cool day
top&cardigan- anthropologie
I bought these two tops and returned them with buyers remorse
then I missed them so I went back and I guess it was made to be
they had the exact items in the correct size so they came back home with me!

Lunch with friends for my b-day
Lisa took this picture and I don't know what happened
I put it on the green box and the camera usually finds the focus but
not today-Lisa your fired! LOL
Shoes-volatile at Marshall's
jean jacket-express way old
earrings-Stella and dot
I think this outfit looked better in my mind than on my body
oh well the dress will be comfy in the summer hanging out in the house

Can anyone say "SPRAY TAN"
I knew I was white but this is pathetic!
my Hispanic husband with his savage tan even in the winter months teases me
a lot and calls me whitey!
anyway I love this outfit and it will look better with a summer tan
Dress-stein mart (so comfy-jersey knit)
Shoes-coach (old from dsw these shoes have lasted so long and looks brand new)

Cardigan-old navy
I will use this all summer long to go over my sundresses
even though its hot here in the armpit of America the stores are freezing


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First day of Disney California

I finally have a moment to get a post together with some pictures from spring break at Disney California.  Better late than never.  We had a great time and the weather was perfect (which is why I wanted to go to cali)  My parents went with us and were a great help.  Disney didn't allow strollers in line and Kooper did great with taking a nap in the monster stroller so my peeps would take a break and find some shade and a bench and let him sleep.  Now I know why people have their disney trips planned out to the second.  The lines were long but moved quickly and the fast pass lines would be filled up by noon.  So this is day one, I think I took a picture of everything in the park, maybe even a trash can.

The first ride we rode was buzz lightyear

is a hat bump like a fist bump?

Kooper chose the lightning mcqueen hat

Kyle was too cool for mickey ears but not Kade

Mawmaw and Pawpaw were just as excited to go as the boys

I had to get a shot in front of these beautiful violas

Kooper gave daddy a bite kiss

Me and my 3 stinky boys

such a mischievious smile

Be back soon with Lego Land and another day at disney.  Happy Day!