Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Blog Address

Sorry folks but I have to move on- I have moved to wordpress because I can't take blogger anymore. My new address is http://3stinkyboys.wordpress.com/http://3stinkyboys.wordpress.com/


Friday, August 12, 2011

Just another summer night

Last night I took the boys to The Woodlands Waterway, which is a new area of town homes and restaurants built around a man made riverwalk. It has really developed nicely and they have an area with some water sprinklers. Up on the upper level they build a fountain and the sprayers are coordinated with music. We picked up a little ceaser's pizza and off we went.

We had fun and even went over to berripop for some frozen yogurt. Just 10 more days till school starts! I'm just trying to keep it together until then.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

It's been quite some time since I have done a post on my blog. I really haven't been getting dressed because it's so stinkin hot! But most of the days that I do get dressed I just run out of time to take a picture. So here are some of the pictures that I have compiled over the summer. I only get these pictures taken because of my oldest son Kyle. He is learning, it usually takes a few shots. I stick the camera on auto and hand it over. We have not had a very fun late part of the summer. It's been over 100 degrees everyday and no rain. I'm boycotting our neighborhood pool because the developer is a total douche bag and I refuse to give him any of my money. So we pack up and head to the pool at my parents neighborhood. Anyways here it goes:

top-Ivy Jane

tank-at loft, skirt-anthro, wedges(I should have gotten an up close picture)Forever 21

Tank-old navy, skirt-forever21, belt-cabi

Purse (birthday gift) mudpie

dress-boutique, shoes-volatile

dress-forever 21 $8, shoes-forever 21, cardi (only wore inside grocery store and borders) old navy, necklace-lisa leonard

top-anthro (old) jeans-at loft, shoes-dillards (old) necklace-francesca's, bracelets-forever 21

I wore this outfit to see Katy Perry
Top-anthropologie, Jeggings-newyork and co
bracelets-forever21, earrings-Chico's

Well that's all I've got, I'm not sure how large these pics will come out, I have had major problems uploading in blogger and had to change to the old editor just to get this pics to upload.

Weekend in Dallas

In a last ditch effort to get out of town before school starts we took a trip up to Dallas.  We have had major cabin fever so it was worth it to live out of a suit case for a few days. We did some shopping in South lake, took the kids to Lego land, did some more shopping at grapevine mills outlet mall, and swam at the hotel pool.  Didn't have my camera for swimming, bummer they were all lined up and jumped into the pool together.  It was very relaxing.


The boys after being drug around southlake

Kade and Mark's Grandmother Alice

The boys and cousin Bryan-Kooper kept hugging him all night

Kooper on a Lego dog

Kyle racing his lego cars

Kooper and daddy playing with the mega legos
These pictures are super grainy I had to jack my iso up because the lighting was terrible plus by uploading into blogger the picture quality is greatly diminished.  I'm so frustrated with blogger about ready to change to word press.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Testing- picture comparison for uploading pictures

from blogger upload

web diptych
from flickr html upload

This has been a very frustruating experience.  I am not very technical, so this is a great challange for me.  I have noticed that when I upload pics on my blog they don't look as good as just thru my photo library, much less photoshop or lightroom.  I haven't read a lot about this, it seems I must be the only one who has this problem but a few places said to upload via flickr or photobucket.  So do you see the difference?  Let me know!

from flickr by html code

by blogger upload

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Vacation

I have been catching up on my blog reading and have noticed all the posts about summer lists of things to do.  I also downloaded from Kelly Willette her 100 summer things- ideas for summer snapshots.  As I look at them, I realized that the only outdoor activities were going to be centered around water. I have read all you blogger and your lists of great trips to the park, picnic lunches, and bike rides. It's been 100 degrees here and you can't go outside until 8pm.  We did go for a bike ride last night (at 8pm) and came home drenched in sweat.  We spend our days inside wishing for cooler weather.  The boys are in camp at our church for the next 2 weeks.  Now that Kyle is over his ear infection we can head back out to the pool.

We did go on vacation a few days after school let out.  I didn't want to go so soon, as I wished to have a few weeks of laziness.  But non the less we went and had a great time.  We went to San Antonio for a few days and went to sea world.  Then we headed out to the frio river.  The kids had a blast.  There was no floating the river as there was no current to take you anywhere but that was fine.  We had a nice swimming hole by our camp with some shallow area for us the lounge in chairs and deeper area with a rope swing.

Played some sandbag toss


Kooper floating in the little bit of moving water

Kyle hanging out

We played a lot of Jenga

Did some swingin

Celebrated Marks birthday
Beer, Food, Playing in the river what better way to celebrate the day

Had a little sword fight

The only picture I took at the Hyatt Hillcountry, I was so mad because we ended up at a sandy each entry off of the lazy river and we had such dreamy sunsetting back light and my camera was in the room.

We did some minnow fishing

And Kooper took his naps like this
I hope you have a great summer vacation!

Right Now

Here is a snapshot of our everyday now that we don't have much of a routine.  Here is Kooper watching his favorite dvd Elmo.

It's raining here in H town and boy did we need it. It was nice having a lazy day at home alone.  The boys were at camp and I just spent the day doing some cleaning and now I have time to relax while the boys rest and Kooper naps.  Have a great week!