Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I have had such a hard time finding enough time to take a picture of myself much less post anything on my blog like wiww.  If I don't take a pic of myself before I leave for the day then it just doesn't get done.  These days I feel as soon as Kyle and Kade get off the bus it's like game on - clock into my second job.  You would think they could come home and just do their thing, but no, they just ping pong back and forth who will whine next.  I feel like a counselor or a cruise ship director saying "tell me how you are feeling"  "what can I do to make you feel better?"  They get three nice comments and if they choose not to give into my niceness then they get tough mommy.  Who usually says "stop your whining or I'm calling your dad" or "you need to take a nap since you are acting like a baby"  It's their choice take the bait with the first Nice Mommy, or mess around and you end up with Mean Mommy!  I tell them all the time god gave me all boys because this mom doesn't do sassy or melodrama!
Snap- sorry I got carried away.  Back to the job at hand.  Today's wiww post is a hodge podge of pictures that have been sitting around for a few weeks.

sweater-old banana republic
skinny jeans-f21
shoes-steve madden-old

this is one of my baseball outfits,not the most
glamorous outfits but who wants to get dressed up
just to be a ballgame with lots of dirt blowing around!

I love this hat!

I had is customized!

I wish you could see the necklace better, it's a baseball with wings

I wore this on my birthday sunday to dinner with the big boys and my hubby
we went to a nice italian restaurant and the boys had to have good table manners!

This outfit looked better in my mind,now seeing the pics not as cute!
Top-AT loft
jeans-at loft

Have a great Hump Day!



  1. Hi Stephanie!
    You are so funny... director on a cruise ship! I laugh only because I know the feeling.
    You look great as always, and I really like your baseball outfit. The hat is adorable!

    Looks liek Oceanside was a good time too huh? I bet you had so much taking pictures!

  2. I love the baseball outfit, you would be the cutest mom at the ballpark! That will be me soon! That hat rocks! I am a mom of two is it having three???

  3. You look so cute in that hat. I can't rock a hat at all.

    I laughed at your post, because I have two boys (18 and 22) and when they were little and complained "It's not fair" I'd sometimes say "Life is rough and then you die" just to try and get them out of their whining (as I sent them to whine in their rooms, lol!).

    What I love about boys is that when they get bigger they seem to see it as their personal job to protect mama. At least, mine do.

    When walking in the snow they will grab my hand or put their arm out so I won't fall, and they're really good about doing things so I won't have to.

    I think that THEY think that I am old and about to drop dead at any moment, lol!

  4. Adorable! I love your cuffed skinny jeans and your white pants!

    I definitely understand the boy thing! I have three boys, too (and a baby girl).

  5. OMG...I love the baseball hat! I'm sure all the other mom's think its adorable, too!