Thursday, October 21, 2010

Make your own camera strap

I have become totally obsessed with blog hopping.  It started out searching for free info on photography(as I'm finding its an expensive hobby) and happen upon peoples personal blogs.  They are also either linked to photography workshops or selling some super creative crafty item.  So off I go, blog hopping and I stumble on a few ladies doing their "what I wore Wednesday" posts.  They take pictures of themselves in their favorite (or not so hot) outfits for the week and post on Wednesday.  I have found that its challenging to take a focused photo of one self in a mirror.  I thought maybe I should do this.  I am never in any pictures in the scrapbooks, so I try it out.  I made a pendent necklace and bought a cute top online but when I took my pictures I realized man I look so soft and fluffy.  Am I ever going to get over weight issues?  I don't think that I'm fat!  Yea I could stand to loose 5lbs (although they will find me again) but do these other women feel like that?  Anyways I have found a few blogs that I love their style i.e. thirty something-mother-housekeeper-cook-children's personal driver etc.  The bonus is they also shop at reasonable stores.  That is the key!  Who can afford children and shop?  Also I'm all about the flats!

So I got off my original subject- I was on kevin&amandablog and she gave step by step direction on how to make your own camera strap slip cover.  Soooo cute!  I have had my eye on these on etsy but never have made the leap and bought one, glad I didn't so check it out they are super cool photographers/people.  so here is the strap, I was too lazy to take it off my camera so I took a picture of it in the mirror.  Don't look too close because I am not the best at sewing so this is a major milestone for me.  I don't sew very often in fact I have to pull out the manual every time I do and I lost the manual so I had to search the Internet to find it pay and download it and of coarse the way it was scanned the text was in two different directions so I had to print it out but my printer is such a cheap piece of s*** that I had to buy one then wait for my dad to come over and install it then print, then wait for Kooper to take a nap and read up on how to fill the bobbin. Sorry about the run on sentence. To be a fly on the wall would have been funny. One step forward two steps back is usually my process when tackling a new project.  Have a great evening!

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