Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kooper aka Monster baby

One day I was out shopping with Kooper and I came across this book:

I started to flip through and died laughing, it was full of pictures of all the things that kids have ruined especially inside the house.  So I just thought that my second child was a tornado but then came along the the taz manian devil (did I spell that correct?) Kooper!  It just amazes me what he can get into so after seeing this book I decided to start taking pictures of all the things he gets into because "this too shall pass"  and hopefully I will laugh about it later. 
The main reason I started this blog was because I can journal about our everyday comings and goings and attach along some pictures.  I love to scrapbook but lets admit it, this is easier.  By the time I print out the pictures, buy the papers and embellishments, research and find a good layout, and the find the time to sit and put it all together it could be 1 year later.  Then I need to journal all about it! Forget it.  This is easier and at the tip of my fingers. I need to get my camera and just walk around the house and start taking pics.  So here is the latest destruction that Kooper has caused. 

It could be worse.  At least his room smells good. 
Mommy loves her baby!



  1. This is hilarious!!! and too cute!
    I must have this book, LOL!
    Your boys are insanely beautiful and adorable!
    And I love all their names!