Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

I am linking up with the pleated poppy with the weekly What I Wore Wednesday.  I have really come accustomed to doing this and now my husband doesn't even say any snide comments anymore.  My friends still tease me but then we strike up a conversation about some of our favorite mommy's and their style.  I have had countless conversations on the phone with a few friends and we will both be blog hopping and checking out what everyone is wearing.  This has been so much fun.  Ever since I had kids I have always had a hard time "finding my style".  I don't want to seen too frumpy or too scanky.  Come on  you know what I'm talking about.  It's fun linking up and seeing every ones style from all over the united states.  These mommas have got some style!  So click on over to and see what everyone is wearing.

Last week Mark took the big boys hunting so Kooper and I had some alone time and I stayed up really late mending a pillow, refashioning a shirt, making 2 different scarfs,, and a two necklaces.  I have so many projects on my to do list and nearly the amount of time to do it all!  So here is what I wore this week-minus a few days!

Last Friday- Shopping with mom and aunt Sherry
I had to refashion this top because it shrank after the first wash
I have had this top for years so I cut off the sleeves( I won't show because I did an awful jog)
sew some lace at the bottom(because it was too short)
Blurry little boy saying Cheeeeeessssse-Mine

on sale-picked it up for$11.95

Sunday-Took the big boys to the mall to exchange shoes and get Kyles glasses fixed
they were not happy about going and if I could have done this without them I would
so I had to promise them a smoothie to get them in the car
Top and Cardi-forever 21
jeans-forever 21
boots-target-I need to replace them they aren't my favorite
I think I need a skinny black belt for the shirt.

Necklace-made by me-leather bow
here is a link to the tutorial

Monday- run a few errands with Kooper
Scarf made by me
Sweater- old old navy
Jeans-NY and co
Boots-Steve Madden

This was my Christmas present from Mark

I made this scarf
I have had this sweater for years and
I saw someone on their blog wear an outfit just like this and I realized
that I had almost everything in my closet already-score!
here is a link to a tutorial on how to make a ruffled scarf

Bracelet- gift from my sister in law Ann

Tuesday- You've seen this outfit before on my wiww
I haven't worn it in a while so here it is again
rinse and repeat

New years Eve
Me- top old navy
skirt-old navy
short booties-payless
Lisa-probably from Kohl's she loves to shop there if you can see her boots they are kickin!-Dillard's
Amy-?  but her rhinestone pumps were foxy
Kelly-who knows and I don't think she would divulge where she bought this sexy dress

I wore these earring from forever 21 but they were black rhinestones and just a little different
 Did ya notice that the stores are low on inventory?  Is this because they didn't over buy earlier in the season?  Ann Taylor Loft was so empty you could play football in the store(my boys almost did).  You know after inventory time they will be out with all the spring clothes early in February, why do they put out the next season stuff so early?  Even here in Texas you aren't even thinking of Capri's and flip flops this early.  So I'm enjoying the cool weather and not having to polish my toe nails every week. Have a great hump day!


  1. the ruffled scarf, it's on my to-do list!

  2. Great looks Stephanie!! How clever you are to refashion your shirt with the lace. Love that.
    And that shirt with your red sweater and boots look is super cute. You're right it would look great with a belt, skinny or fat! Like a thick woven black one? F21 has great ones for dirt cheap.
    Love that anthro necklace too. And the scarf you made! You're too cute.

  3. Hey Steph! Love the ruffle scarf!!! And your photo header looks great! Have fun at the bowl this weekend!

  4. Love the first outfit and your party look, as I noted on the post, was simply gorgeous!