Friday, January 21, 2011

Sunny Day

Today was our first sunny day in several weeks so when the boys got home from school we went outside and played around.  Even though it was in the low 40's it was cold.  But who cares it's sunny, not grey, not raining but bright and crisp.  I had a good day-Kooper has been an angel today and cooperated with all my errands.  Even shopping at the mall.  I was  on a quest to get some new black boots.  Pickins are slim, sizes have dwindled down to a 5 or 10 not much in between.  So the only thing bad was I had a delima between the Steve madden boots or the Carlos Santana boots.  So I called my fashion advisor aka shopping/blogging fashion stalker friend Vera and stopped by for a looksey.  No I could not keep both one had to go sorry Carlos you make sexy shoes but Steve one this battle.  Kooper was even good when we stopped by the county clerks office to get his birth certificate.  Yes he is almost 2 and we just realized we hadn't gotten it yet but that's ok we did the same thing with the first two boys.  So  here are a few pics of us today!

Kooper loves to take a ride with Kade
and big brother know it!

Kooper is into Kissing and hugging everything
even the valentines flag

Kyle looks like a super cool
skater dude
Everyone have a great weekend!

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