Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nerf Battle

This post is a little late, last Monday on our day of of school for Martin Luther king day we had a play date Nerf gun battle planned with some friends.  The boys have been looking forward to this all week.  They even pulled their money together to buy a new Nerf gun (more powerful) and bullets.  It was hard for them to spend their own money  (yet they have no problem spending mine) but Kyle actually chose to purchase the less expensive gun so he didn't use up all his money.  Smart thinking kid! See all that bargain shopping is rubbing off on the boys.  We had a great time even though it was cold and wet at least for the moms.  The play date continued at my house following lunch and ended up having a couple of other friends come over with the kids ( I should have gotten pics of them on the zip line) and as usual a few bottles of wine get opened and the moms hang out at the kitchen table drinking, snacking and watching the kids outside in the back yard. Sorry I think that was a run on sentence.  So here are some pics of the battle.
The gang prior to getting wet and muddy

Kyle taking cover

Connor going in for the kill

Maddy and Sean have great cover and up high for a better shot

Kyle and Maddy (Future husband and wife)


Kooper had a moment when he wanted to pose

Not a great cover-notice the armband with his plan a and b and also the rules

Kooper drank and ate crackers the entire battle this was his fifth box drink and not sure if it was his!

Enjoy your weekend, its sunny here in H town!