Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WIWW the green issue

So we have had a rather warm week here in H town.  It starts out cool and warms up during the day.  It's very warm for this time of the season.  You see it's usually cold and raining, so I can't complain.  I did have to bust out the flip flops so you know what that means.  Yes I had to paint the piggies.  I didn't have much time to photograph my outfits.  It's been a very busy week.  Baseball started and I am the team mom for my oldest sons team.  I'm just trying to get it all started and then it's smooth sailing after that.  We have had practice almost everyday for one or the other.  So none of my outfits are anything special.  In fact I think everything is old, like several years old.   The blurry pics were taken with my old rebel.  I am excited that my new 7d takes a wireless remote (that I already had)!  I came back to edit this post as I wanted to state I guess I'm in a green mood, more like chartreuse green that is.  This Tee below, the cardigan, and I even bought another green like cardi with embroidery on it at a boutique that was having a great sale.  I just love this color and don't find it much.  I don't care if I look good in a certain color I buy what I like.  And I like COLOR! I don't wear too much all black outfits (very often)  I feel if I have bright or even soft colors it makes me feel happy.  And between the happy mommy music (aka Jack Johnson) and some pretty colored clothes it can lift my spirits.  So that's why I called it the green issue. Now I feel better that I explained it better.

tee-Ann Taylor loft 2 years ago
its a little big I need to take it in on the sides
Old Navy trouser jeans-old

Vera Wang flip flops
opi -cuckoo for this color

cardi/tee-anthropologie years ago
slide on sneakers-colehann

I love this cardigan
Cardi-Cabi $10
tee-at loft

flats-leopard print ?
 I look rode hard and hung up wet.  I ran the roads all day and was very tired and frustrated with my camera as I somehow set my exposure compensation to way underexpose my picture and I had to pull out the manual to fix it also it wasn't the best time of day to take pics in the front as too much direct light and shadows from the front porch columns.  So if I look sick and tired to you I was!  don't worry I feel better today!
Tee- anthropologie
gold flip flops-yellow box
jewelry-stella and dot

Notice the remote in my hand?  I changed out the buttons on this target cardigan to little vintage looking gold ball buttons
I think it jazzes the sweater up a  little.
So it took every bit of my to get myself this together.  I've been thrown off a bit by the weather.  I keep expecting it to get cold all the sudden.  Have a great week!



  1. You are so pretty! I love your outfits, especially that bird cardigan.

    I love your blog name! I have three boys, too, and one baby girl.

  2. Cute outfits! I love all of your cardigans :)

  3. I love that cardi-cabi cardigan too! It's gorgeous. I wish Spring would hurry around here so I could break out my flops!!