Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Well I really just haven't been feeling the desire to keep up with my wiww, maybe I should take a break.  I mostly need to take a break from seeing all the cute ladies and their cute outfits that make me want to run out and buy new clothes.  I really want to just hold off until spring weather wants to hang around.  We have had a rather warm week but I can't really enjoy it too much because I know it won't last long.  But spring will be here soon enough.
So I did take pics of 2 outfits, that's all.

sheer top/cardigan-target
skinny jeans-ny and co
belt-old navy looks like anthropologie

I posted this outfit a few weeks ago but didn't wear it for long so
I'm back for a repeat


Have a great week.  I'm up to my eyeballs in baseball stuff and Karen Russell's photo class.  Can't wait till my new camera get here!



  1. You are super adorable! I especially love the second outfit! I take breaks from WIWW, only posting sometimes. I enjoy getting ideas from others though!

  2. Oh no, you can't quit posting! I love all your outfits. Your too adorable!!! I understand though that after awhile it gets rough taking daily pics. I slip from time to time and forget myself. Life is just to busy.

  3. Hi Stephanie. You look so cute as always. love both outfits. I've been taking a break from wiww too. I just needed one I guess.
    So how is Karen's class going??? I'd love to hear. I am also dying to know what new camera you bought? I am saving up for a new one myself!

  4. No need to quit posting! I LOVE your outfits! I'm a new follower through WIWW!