Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So I didn't do so good this week with taking pictures, either I forgot to get a picture or there was nothing special about my outfit to photograph.  I would be very surprised if many people are doing their wiww with all the horrible weather going on, if I was snowed in I would be in sweats all day.

Went shopping with wiww friend
boots-gianni bini and gave me a blister on the bottom of my feet
now I remember why I don't like to wear them

top-gianni bini dillards
faux fur vest ebay
Confession-I only had this on for 30 minutes it was too warm
even though its sheer it is made of wool
top-old limited
jeans-white house black market old
leopard ballet - dillards

so I changed into this top which needs to be shrunk my bra kept showing in the front
top and scarf-anthropologie

Confession #2 I then took everything off and hung it back up
I was to get new tires for my husbands truck and when I called
the tires didn't make it in yet because of the bad weather up north
so their was no reason to get out and I put a comfy shirt on with my slippers and called it a day.

Sorry it wasn't a very exciting week, I really haven't done much and have been hunkered down in the casa.  Trying not to spend so much money on clothes.  Plus my photo class with Karen Russell started this week so I have cameras on the brain.  Now my delima is should I upgrade and get a good L lens or bite the bullet and get a new camera.  Just trying to justify the cost!



  1. Super cute outfits, and I think it's a riot that your post was so full of confessions...I feel like I should bless you now or something--HA!

  2. love your third outfit! your anthro scarf is darling :)

  3. You are cracking me up! Your outfits are great!

  4. Stephanie!! I am loving that fur vest! Very sexy! Good for you!