Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I hate computers!

Why can't things just work correctly?  I'm minding my own business on my laptop and as usual the battery is dead so I plug it in and then my wireless is out.  So I go down stairs and unplug the modem and wait 10 seconds, OK so I had to do that 3 times.  So I finally got the computer up and running and I decide to use my husbands desktop to change out my blog paper and header since elements is on his computer.  Elements decides to lock up.  I shut down reboot and try again.  I get into elements and under file-pictures-their aren't any pictures-strange-elements gets locked up again.  While Mark's computer wants to be as slow as a snail.  So I give up, I won't be changing the header because I can't find any pictures on his computer.  I have no idea what I did!  All I wanted to do was spend 10 minutes to change a few things on my blog and 1 hour later-not much accomplished!  Have a great night!  Steph

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