Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas card

Well the end of a wonderful Christmas day.  We had my husbands parents and sister (with her family) here along with my parents and brother.  Yes we had a full house but all went well and we had way too much food.  The boys said they got all that they asked for and were very happy and entertained today.  Kooper got some large Lego's with a Lego truck and that was a total hit with him.  He loved putting the blocks in the truck and then out of the truck.  He even played in the boxes which is true toddler style the box always gets the most attention.  Mark surprised my with some chocolates from woodhouse and had them shipped just in time for Christmas. We had a wonderful day!  Tomorrow my sil and I might hit the mall for some bargains.  the only wrench thrown into the day was my video camera went dead shortly after starting to record and my camera decided to not focus while the boys were frantically ripping open the gifts.  I almost don't even want to look at the pictures.  I did get it to work although I could have used that moment to cry and guilt my husband into buying me a new camera.  But I did as he said and turned the camera off, took out the memory card and battery and voila- camera focused properly and I did manage to click a few shots before they were done opening their gifts.  So have a wonderful holiday weekend.  Steph

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