Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Since I am up late trying to fix my computer(which I did) I am going to post my pics for this week. I also got the go ahead to purchase cs5 with lightroom, I'm so excited but not looking forward to the learning curve. I did go ahead and download the free trial for elements 9.

Christmas Shopping
boots-thrift store $12
belt-forever 21 $5
I love this outfit-I received many compliments but
the boots killed my feet

Kade's 6th Birthday Party
Top-Forever 21
jeans-ny and co skinny's
Jewelry-stella and dot
I'm so in love with this outfit
super cute and comfy too!

Love them-so comfy and with
just a little lift on the heel

Sunday-Ornament exchange party
just like the pink one from a baby shower weeks ago
flowers-hobby lobby with my old broach inside white flower
shoes-kensie peep toe sling backs

Monday- Bring cookies to Kades class-his real b-day
Sorry picture is bad and my hair was even worse so I cut my head out
Cardigan-Forever 21 pink
bracelets-forever 21
the picture doesn't do it justice it was cute and comfy also easy to throw on!
 Have a great Wednesday!  Steph


  1. I can't believe you found those amazing boots at a thrift store! You need to take me shopping with you! Yay on the software! We'll be learning together!

  2. Very cute! I almost bought that same Anthro shirt! Your blog is so super cute!

  3. The tree is gorgeous! I've been combing the thrift aisles for boots. Lucky you. Not so many boots in LA.

    And one question for you . . . do four stinky dogs rise to the level of three stinky boys? If so, then I share in your struggles and JOY. : )