Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kade's 6th Birthday

Six years ago I gave birth to  my second son.  He was a nice early Christmas present.  I can't believe he is six and is a kindergartner.  Kade is such a good boy.  I ask him to do a chore and he is on it!  Yes I am telling the truth- not being sarcastic.  I don't often have to ask him to do things twice.  I know this phase won't last for long.  Soon he will be rolling his eyes at me and acting like he didn't hear me.  But for now I will smile and enjoy this time, when he is eager to please mom and dad.  I love my baby boy, he looks like his father and is very different from his older brother.  I just pray that god helps us to raise this boy to be confident and kind.  I know I am being sappy but I am listening to  Christmas music and sitting next to a fire.  Yes this is one of the few days in Texas that we will be burning a fire.  Here are some pics from his party last weekend.  We went to main event.  I usually don't like these type of parties as it is very boring for the parents but most of the parent are all our friends so we ordered a few buckets of beer and the dads even bowled.  Mark took some of the older kids to play laser tag and I just spent a little more video game tokens of the younger kids that were left behind.  That seems fair!  We had a great time and even a few moms had a moment for a glass of wine.  Yes they had Kendall Jackson Chardonnay so we were in!

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