Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kooper turns 2

Kooper had his second birthday March 23 just a few days before mine.  In true third child style his celebration has to get worked into this older brothers baseball schedule.  So we had some appetizers before Kades game and then grilled some fajitas after and ate dinner.  My in-laws came into town to celebrate with us and Freddie made his delicious Spanish rice and guacamole.  We had fun just the grandparents and us hanging out and eating, as usual!

I made the table topper, guacamole because Kooper loves to "dip it", strawberries-Koop loves his berries
made with love cake and cupcakes, the gardenia filled the room with a sweet fragrance, raspberry lemonade.

Kooper loves big wheel, it took awhile to put it all together so he played with the handlebars by themselves.

Just say Cheeeeese!

Koop loves his strawberries

Sittin and Eatin

Kooper and Grandmother singing happy birthday, he was a little shy

Kyle said specifically don't put this on your blog-so I did

big bros reading the bday cards

Hugs for pawpaw

I am not exactly thrilled about this photos, I don't think any of them are good and certainly not frame worthy (I was in a picture funk) but I did document the occasion.  Happy 2 my baby boy!


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