Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some days the gods are in my favor

Some days I feel like it's one step forward and two steps back.  Oh who am I kidding, that's most days.  Nothing ever goes as planned, and I am very aware of that so I always have plan A, B, C and D.  After awhile it get to ya and drags you down.  Nothing is ever easy, my kids can't just be-it's always such a struggle to do the most simple tasks.  Yesterday morning Kooper pushed my arm and spilt coffee on my laptop keyboard.  After cleaning it up the keys were not working properly.  Arggh,  I am so not in the market for a new computer.  So my dad said to turn it upside down on a towel.  Everything put the keys worked properly.  So I went to best buy this morning to get a wireless keyboard and when I got home and turned on the computer guess what?  My original keyboard worked!  The keys are just a little sticky but it works.  God had mercy on me!  I just keep praying that god can get me through this rough time with my adventurous two year old.  And to see that god is watching over me Koopers school just called and said that he can be enrolled (along with his brothers) for summer camp.  Yea,  I so needed just something, even so small to go in my favor.  It's like fuel to keep the motor running.

my little munchkin


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