Friday, April 29, 2011

Right Now with Kelly Willette

I have a new blog button on the right and Kelly Willette is a great photographer and really stresses the importance of capturing your families true self and part of that is the everyday moments that we need to remember.  Like the messy play room with kids happy and playing.  I hope that one day I laugh at how many times I stepped on legos and hotwheels cars!
Here is our everyday moment this morning.  We found the vsmiles and Kooper has had fun not actually playing it but turning it on and off and taking the game out and back in.  I was also playing with my diy made white balance cap made from a white coffee filter and a pringles lid to create my own white balance cap.  It worked pretty good but I don't think it's very durable.  i.e. it will get torn up in may back pocket.  Next on the diy to do list (thats very long) is this  Off I go to gather some materials!


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