Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We are almost done with baseball.  I am so sick of having my feet covered with sand.  Kyle's team lost all their tournament games.  It was hard loses, they would start out so strong and then loose their mojo. It really stunk.

 But Kades team is the underdog!  We heard a rumor that no one wants to play the yankees.  They are shaking in their boots! We won the last few tournament games and have been playing very well.  It's like all the sudden it clicked!  We (like I'm one of the players) have been batting very well hitting all the way to outfield and making outs!  So another game tonight. 

One of his Out's as catcher

Super slugger with his tongue hanging out!

He has his super fast running hands all ready to go
Off to get ready for another game tonight!  Go Yankee's!


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